Gallipoli Mural:

"The mural is of no particular event at Anzac cove but I have included incidents I have either read about or saw photos of that happened over the 8 months of the campaign. I have not been to Gallipoli but the scene is as I imagine taken from "Pluggs Plateau" looking North to Suva Bay with a little artistic licence. Starting on the left (top) is the H.M.A.S. Sydney (not to be confused with the Sydney they just discovered which was later)... it escorted the troops over from Australia but was diverted & sank the Emdem with the help of a Japanese cruiser, the first Australian Naval victory I believe. Though it wasn't at Gallipoli I thought it should be included. Also we have the successful  Australian submarine AE2 which was sunk in the Dardinelles  & only rediscovered last year. There is also an English destroyer shelling Turkish lines, a hospital ship in the distance, various troop carriers & cargo ships. At the bottom there is a 'lighter', typical steam powered tug used to tow the troops to shore as with the landing at Anzac cove. There is some corpses of mules that often littered the shore, one was mistaken for an enemy submarine. Mules were the main stay of the supply line & were targeted by Turkish snipers. The troops landing would be probably the 3rd wave with some bodies being attended from the original landing also on the beach are stores covered with tarpaulins with a typical mule cart being loaded, troops going for a swim, water was too scarce to have a wash & the men would look forward to a swim  & to relieve themselves of the lice, even while under fire & a life boat full of dead Australian troops that didn't make it to shore in the initial landing. The medical tent on the shore with an operation under way, a mule carting water up the hill reluctantly, these were looked after mainly by the 'Gherkers', Indian troops ( with which Simpson of fame stayed with, who was a 'Jordy' that jumped  ship in Western Australia but joined up with Australian AIF), also a soldier under yoke also carrying water up to the troops.Further  up are  stretcher bearers bringing down a wounded soldier. The trench is a Turkish trench that has been taken over by Australian troops I have shown to have 1st Infantry Battalion colour patch, they were mentioned often in the 1st wave of the landing & had some Kurri Kurri boys amongst them. On the paraparts is a dead Turkish soldier lying with an Australian soldier wearing the white arm bands & patches which the Australian troops wore in the battle on Lone Pine so they could be recognised in the dark. Bodies were sometimes used on the paraparts where sand bags weren't available. The flies were particularly bad as you can imagine with thousands of bodies left unburied for days. In the trench is an Australian sniper with an observer using perescopic sights devised at Gallipoli also a duggout for the men to rest/sleep. Over head there is an English observer aircraft (a Nieuport 10) which spotted a build up of Turkish troops in front of Australian troops, the news preventing the slaughter of Australians but bringing about the slaughter of the Turks as the element of surprise was lost. Also there is an English airship used to guide artillery & shelling from ships on to Turkish positions by radio, indeed this was the first time of coordination between the 3 forces during battle. There were no Australian air men used at Gallipoli that I'm aware of, they were in service in France. Turkish troops on top of the cliffs (top right).

In the foreground there are some tins saved & used to make bombs/grenades to throw at Turkish trenches, in amongst them are typical ration tins of meat & Veg marked M&V, a tin of "True Blue Kurri Powder" (fictitious) & a tin of Kiwi Boot Polish with "All Black" where the colour Black would be written to commemorate our comrades in arms, which make up the  word ANZAC”.