Frances Fussell

Most of my life I have loved to paint flowers – to me they are just so beautiful. The variety, vibrancy of colour & shapes is endless , each bloom ‘ natures masterpiece’ & to capture their beauty has been my aim. I also like the challenge of creating an interesting still life where I can combine texture, design & the pattern of various cloths, fabrics & props with the colour & mood of the blooms or fruit I have chosen for the work. Composition plays an important role in my work too- with the eye being lead freely through the picture, whether it be an interior still life or one of my flower close up’s.

Hopefully one should never be bored with my interpretation. . Chiaroscuro & the Dutch flower painters of the 17 th century have been an inspiration but I also love the freedom & vitality of the moderns like Van Gogh & Matisse & so many of the Impressionist & Post Impressionist painters . What I hope to achieve is to evoke some of this feeling to the viewer.

Chris Fussell

I like to try and capture the childlike joy of creating, whether it is painting or sculpture. Pushing the medium to the limits of control. It becomes a relationship between subject, medium & self, always fluctuating.

In landscape I like the rhythm of nature and the sheer beauty of the planet we are blessed to be part of, which seems to be often forgotten these days.

Acrylic paint dries fast and is at it’s best with a translucent quality giving the artist the opportunity to put down a lot of glazes very rapidly and skidding over the hard surface of board one can maximize a variety in paint quality and depth.



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